Special services:

The steps to be taken must be specifically
at the objectives of the project so as
to avoid costly
delays in getting the business
started, together with
the resulting additional
expenses. The selection of
a suitable location
and the necessary preparation
work require
experience,professionally qualified
and, above all, access to local networks.
This is the only way to ensure that the
Work is lined up with local


The foundation stones of successful cooperation
Location analysis:

in which we draw up a comprehensive analysis of
which location is exactly the right one for your sector
Location preprocessing:

in which we work out where you will have a high and
effective profile and thus be successfully located
Property search:

in which we look for the properties which will
guarantee your firm the best possible location
Project management:

in which we coordinate and monitor all
the project phases from planning to execution
and taking delivery
Project completion:

in which we coordinate and manage your company's
move to the new premises
Contract negotiations:

in which we represent you as a company and negotiate the
most advantageous conditions and incentives for you